In this week’s gaming news, Sony Santa Monica release more information about their upcoming God of War 4, supposedly named Ascension. This will feature as a prequel to the main trilogy, and players will be able to see a young, “more humane” Kratos that ever before.

 Ascension explains more about how Kratos is tricked into killing his family, before he became the Ghost of Sparta. Whilst simple, “love-inspired” games like Flower are given two-month extensions on the shipping deadlines, a fourth instalment in one of PlayStation’s most popular franchises can only be postponed for so long. In early 2011 PSM3 magazine printed a release date of September 2012, though it’s likely to be summer 2013. Oh, and this one will heavily feature both online and offline multiplayer. Confused? Well quite a few critics are apprehensive about this addition; however after seeing the teaser trailer, I was quickly convinced, as I watched four Kratoses tear out a gigantic cyclops’ eye out. Classic God of War action right there.

Anyone want a PS Vita but hasn’t got round to buying one yet? Still looking to buy a car? Then look no further, because to the lucky new owners of the Scion iQ a gift will be bestowed. Buyers of the new 2012 Scion car will receive a PS Vita between May and July, because, according to Scion Vice President Jack Hollis, “both products involve a lot of technology in small packages”. Whilst the promotion isn’t the first time Sony and Scion have teamed up, this time neither product has had stunning sales, and so perhaps this team-up wasn’t the best idea.

It’s all about sequels this week, as Black Ops 2 is confirmed for November. Last year Activision released Elite as an addition to Modern Warfare 3, but the extra had a poor start-up, and so this latest instalment is expected to smash roofs over 2010’s head. However, this is not the only sequel being spoken about this week, as rumours to continue the production of Bayonetta 2 are flying about. Hideki Kamiya has mentioned that the supposedly cancelled sequel may not be so cancelled after all, suggesting a title will be announced soon. The original got incredibly reviews from most gaming magazines, claiming to be the one of the best action game ever made. You have to ask though, if the first one was so perfect, what can be expected of number two that will top it? Regardless, keep checking Platinum Games for a title. Oh, and check out the Skyrim DLC, Dawnguard. Weren’t expecting something more so soon? You’re in luck, Elder Scrolls fans.

On to slightly more trivial news, and Cocky Culture’s Pocket Ninjas has seen over 500,000 downloads in less than a week, since its move to fremium, from just under a dollar to start off with. Tony Dimovski says he was surprised to see such a response to the move, and saw over 100K downloads in the first full day of release. As soon as this iOS app started to attract attention, Dimovski began to get emails through asking to “advertise with [him], for [him] and through [him].” Congratulations to this self-serving game developer, who on their first product have made extreme progress in the free-app world. Hopefully we can expect to see more games soon!


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