Many critics suggest that Black Ops 2 will flop in the shadow of MW3, simply because the game hasn’t got the right console to compliment it properly. Its prequel sits as the highest selling game of all time (25 million copies sold worldwide), and that’s certainly a weight on Activision Blizzard’s shoulders, but according to Colin Sebastian, “games like Call of Duty need new console hardware”

According to Colin Sebastian, “games like Call of Duty need new console hardware – developers are working with 7-year-old technology in an environment when tablets and smart TVs will soon be just as powerful”. So perhaps the ideas behind BO2 are worthy of the title, but the let down seems to be the console capabilities. However, pre-orders have already begun to come through, so there’s no turning back now, and we’ll just have to see how it turns out. Certainly the next game should, if there are possibilities for an update in playability, be kept behind until Sony and Microsoft can design a new console with higher capacity.

Needless to say, nearly everyone who has heard of iPhones has heard of Angry Birds, the game franchise which earned Rovio 30% of its revenues in 2011. Last year the developer saw revenue of over $100million, which is not to be sniffed at. Angry Birds has, after this announcement, been given a “serious push” into the future, and the CEO, Mikael Hed is looking forward to bright prospects in the upcoming years. Angry Birds Space recently became the fastest selling mobile game in history, with over 50 million downloads in just 35 days. I myself bought the game on its release, but alas my phone is a measly iPhone 3G, incapable of supporting it. This limit, however, has not held Rovio back at all, and they promise to keep working towards further entertaining their millions of fans.

Everyone knows that a lot of video games are produced in Japan. That’s general knowledge to the average gamer. But would you have considered Korea lacking in war games? No, me neither. Free to play MMO developer has announced that they will be releasing a special Korean launch of World Of Tanks in the next year, as war-gaming has become increasingly popular in countries such as Russia and China. As the main idea behind war-gaming is competitiveness, the company decided they wanted to increase the availability on a wider scale, and that’s exactly what they’ve done.

Tim Sweeney of Epic Games believes the improvement of Flash, HTML5 and the Unreal Engine will affect the platform choices made in the future. It will be a completed semi-cycle for video games, from PC games to Games For Windows, then the push to other consoles, and finally back to “browser gaming”. Sweeney believes that small-scale, high quality games will be more accessible in web browsers, and I agree to an extent. For example, when the Google Chrome Web Store was activated, I downloaded Angry Birds for free and played through every level in between tasks (I apologise here for the consistent Angry Birds references here, I’m not actually a great fan, but the game just seems to be extremely convenient at times). At any rate, if next-gen consoles take too long to develop (incidentally, Microsoft have leaked rumours of “Durango”, their secret project, suggested to be the next Xbox) then games designers will probably get impatient, and take their games to the browser because of its overall usability and ease of access. The web browser would certainly give leverage for cheap and easy development, and everyone uses them, so who is to know? Imagine an ultimate switch from disc to download; perhaps not favourable, but certainly a cheaper option for gamers and developers alike.


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