In the gaming industry news this week, it’s all about sales, sales, sales, as Diablo 3 manages to sell 3.5 million copies in just one day, and the Nintendo 3DS reaches another impressive milestone. Also, GAME announces the cancellation of GAMEfest 2012 via Twitter, but hint that they’ll be going ahead with the event in 2013.

Diablo 3 broke records as the fastest selling PC game, and in its first week, D3 boasted around 6.3 million users. This is rather impressive when you consider some of the negative feedback from pre-play critics, saying that current Diablo fans weren’t likely to spend the money which is so hard to come by nowadays on a game which has many similar rivals. However, if you remember from last week the promise from Blizzard that anyone who bought WoW last October would receive free downloads of D3, then you may be surprised to find that the figures of 3.5 million sales don’t include the 1.2 million odd customers who were involved with this deal. This shoves Diablo 3 up to 4.7 active members on the day of release, and whilst there are still common error messages springing up due to overcrowding on the database, sales of this all-time epic will likely stay high for a long time.

Good news all around for Nintendo, as the 3DS reaches 6 million units sold in Japan alone, after some speedy promotion and a sales spree owing to some “proper” titles. Disregarding the quiet launch has paid off for Satoru Iwata, who is quietly basking in Nintendo’s glory over Sony, whose PS Vita has all but been rejected by the Japanese public. In comparison to Vita’s 1.8 million worldwide sales, the 3DS boasts over 17 million, and counting, and in the UK, Iwata expects to see 1 million sold by the end of June. The original DS sold 1 million in 51 weeks, as opposed to the current tally of 950,000 after 61 weeks, but it’s needless to say that Nintendo have made a great comeback.

I was able to get my hands on the documentation of the Microsoft-Motorola dispute, and the contents are quite interesting. For those of you who are as of yet unaware, the ITC(International Trade Commission)’s Judge David Shaw suggested recently a shipping ban of Xbox 360 Slims, in order to settle this argument, but this, according to Microsoft, leaves the public to fall back on the PlayStation 3 and the Nintendo Wii. The case is about supposed patent infringement between the two companies, which then meant that US exported units were being sold unfairly under the “FRAND Policy.” Judge Shaw effectively suggested a ban of 4 and 250GB Xbox 360 Slims, and Motorola have agreed that for a limited time, “barring from entry into the United States” will remedy the asserted patenting claims. More on this when things clear up.


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