Robbie Gordon, 18, today explained how he considers himself a “ladies’ man.”

After confessions of love for his girlfriend at Hallam, and telling me romantic stories of their anniversary meal at Nandos on Tuesday evening, I got the impression that Robbie is in fact quite the gentleman.

But it wasn’t to last…

Robbie confessed to many a rebound relationship in the recent years, with particular focus on his now ex-girlfriend, who cheated on him with her own ex.

His reaction to this shocking revelation was calm; however Robbie claims to prefer “plain” girls over “hot stuff,” perhaps because they’re easier for him to impress.

Robbie’s love for his current girlfriend runs strong, and he’s extremely grateful to have her so close by, especially since he just scraped a place at ‘Uni of’.

After failing to achieve his expected grades, Robbie considered himself lucky to have been accepted into the University of Sheffield; his English Language coursework was disqualified for indecency, even though on The Guardian Online a similar article was considered safe.

Being interested in rap music and the wider connotations therein seems to be having a negative effect on this seemingly innocent young man of 18 years, who himself has admited to sleeping around after relationships, but only time will tell if Robbie will change his ways.


Let me know what you think : )

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