A school teacher was slashed in the face with a broken bottle yesterday evening in the centre of Doncaster, say police.

Hilda Keown, 27, has been admitted to Doncaster Royal Infirmary with neck and facial wounds, and severe shock. DI Clare O’Reilly of the South Yorkshire Police confirms that the wounds are “not life threatening; however doctors are concerned she may be scarred for life.”

Mrs. Keown is having emergency surgery this afternoon. There is currently no motive established, and she “knows of no reason why anyone should wish to harm her,” especially in this “particularly cruel way.”

At 5.30PM on Tuesday the 2nd of October, Mrs.  Keown was confronted by an unknown attacker. Witnesses described a female of average height, her identity carefully covered, wearing dark trousers and a bomber jacket.

The attacker was last seen fleeing towards St. Vincent’s Road, where she was joined by another person of similar description, sex unknown.

There is at least one person who knows the identity of the attacker. Any information on the incident should be reported as soon as possible.

Police are appealing for witnesses, and DI O’Reilly adds that “[the] offender is potentially extremely dangerous and should not be approached. If anyone has any information please contact me at the Incident Room on 01142 20 20 20.”


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