An 86-year-old lady was thrown from her bed this morning by youths who broke in and ransacked her house.

The pensioner, who has not yet been named, was “tipped” out of her bed between the hours of two and three this morning. Cash and jewellery were taken from her home, including some items with great sentimental value.

Police believe the two men to be local to the area. DC Turton of the South Yorkshire Police is presently gathering more information from various witnesses.

The youths have been described as 18-20 years old, of average height and build. Unfortunately no distinguishing clothing was identified; however the nature of the crime suggests knowledge of where old ladies ‘keep their cash.’

More information will be available this afternoon via our online Community forum. If you have any information, you can contact the officer-in-the-case on 01142 20 20 20.


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