A police car was stolen following a fatal head-on collision at the junction on Kerisforth Hill Road and Broadway in Barnsley.

The accident happened as PC Iain “Smiffy” Smythe followed the speeding driver of a red Ford Fiesta on Park Road. The driver jumped lights at the junction, hitting a blue Pergeut coming from the opposite direction.

DI Kathryn Reaney of South yorkshire Police has asked the public to take caution, as the suspect is considered to be “extremely dangerous.”

After witnessing the car jump lights at the Kerisforth Hill Road and Broadway junction, PC Iain put on his sirens and chased the driver with the intention of avoiding unnecessary public injury.

The Fiesta collided with a blue Peugeot, the driver of which is yet to be named.

PC Iain approached incident with caution, and called for urgent medical assistance before attempting to assist the injured Peugeot driver, who was rushed to Barnsley hospital. He died shortly afterwards.

The driver of the Fiesta, who received facial injuries in the crash, then got into the police patrol car and drove off.

Standing by the motto of the South Yorkshire police, “justice with courage,” PC Iain attempted to intercept the thief but received a minor leg injury in the process.

The suspect “is aged between 18 and 20, with close-cropped hair and distinctive tattoos on both hands.”

DI Kathryn Reaney says that PC Iain is “recovering at home with his family.”

South Yorkshire Police are appealing for witnesses to the incident, and any relevant information regarding the identity of the suspect.


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