It has been said that Frank Carter could not be replaced. This is a lie. On Friday night, Sheffield’s Corporation was alive. The Wolves have returned, and there’s new power in their bite.

Supported by Brotherhood Of The Lake and Feed The Rhino, hardcore punk band Gallows stole the night and gave their hallowed fans a show to remember.

For those who aren’t already aware, there has been speculation over Gallows’ new front man, ex-Alexisonfire bassist Wade MacNeil. Clearly he has massive size-22 shoes to fill after Frank’s departure, and playing small, compact gigs across the country is the best way to start. Whilst the crowd were being warmed up by Lee Tobin’s (Feed the Rhino) madness in the mosh pit, Wade casually walked through the club and stood by his merch stand, signing t-shirts and making light conversation to ‘Caller of the Town’ in the background.

When they finally showed up on-stage after a tense 35 minutes of sound-check, the Watford-based kings of punk seemed to have opened the gates of Hell. Laurent and Steph did their thing, climbing all over expensive equipment and playing their hearts out to their revered countrymen, whilst Stuart’s calm, subtle stage presence and crisp-cut bass undertow thrummed inside of every single head-banger’s chest. Circles formed; brows were split; eyes were blackened – In this insane melee of angst-fuelled madness, Gallows seemed right at home.

Bashing out tunes from their undoubtedly awesome self-titled album, whilst throwing in some classics for variety, Gallows destroyed Corporation, destroyed Sheffield, and destroyed any doubt that Wade MacNeil has indeed successfully replaced Frank Carter for good. But the real show-stealer was coming back on for a teased encore and pulling off what was until recently considered to be the impossible – ‘Abandon Ship’ and ‘Orchestra of Wolves’ performed without stage-lunatic Frank at the front of the pack.

Wade screamed and howled his lungs out to his veterans and newly converted fans alike. Not one single fuck was given, and anyone true to the music would have agreed that he pulled it off. Gallows give off an electric atmosphere that will blow your mind. The Wolves are back, and in them, we trust.


Let me know what you think : )

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