Sheffield’s 02 Academy was buzzing on Saturday night, and rightly so. Before headliners LostProphets even got on stage, their crowd was suitably warmed up and ready to go.

Ex-Gallows frontman Frank Carter started the night off with his new band Pure Love, alongside American riff-lord, Jim Carroll. Frank stuck to his roots by jumping straight into the horde of emo teens and punk rockers, engaging with his fans and encouraging people to ride shoulders and sing along.

Jim made an in-crowd appearance too, showing that rock is far from dead. Unfortunately Pure Love had to leave early, so to make up for not sticking around after the show, Frank graciously gave away handfuls of t-shirts and tote bags.

Hundreds of teenage girls collectively squealed when Liam Cromby walked on with the rest of We Are The Ocean. Liam proved that his incredible vocal range has successfully replaced Dan’s, both melodically and powerfully. His scream was strong and clear, whilst Alfie and Jack’s backing vocals blended well on top.

Before the show I met with a girl whose dad had driven her all the way up from Manchester, just to meet the band. Alfie went out to find her before the gates opened, which just goes to show that not all rock bands consist of self-obsessed pricks who don’t have any time for their dedicated fans.

Sadly when LostProphets finally made an appearance, Ian was without a working microphone; however he kept singing his heart out until finally the mic was re-attached, and suddenly his world-famous voice prevailed. There were memorable laser lighting effects throughout their set, with a massive circle-pit that stayed fresh throughout the entire gig.

The majority of their set was a collaboration of golden oldies, with a few Weapons tracks thrown in for variety. Ian made sure his audience was having a great night, involving the balcony, then the floor, then both together, receiving a deafening roar of approval.

As is expected of the Welsh rockers, they put on a top performance, sending the crowd home with a satisfying buzz about them.


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