“The darkness is coming. It’s safer to be inside”

Whether you’re a fan of the franchise or not, Silent Hill: Revelation is a visually spectacular movie, with thrills, chills and plenty of twists and turns along the way.

The first striking aspect of this film in 3D is the depth of the ash which falls in Silent Hill. A few people in the audience were holding their hands up trying to touch the specs, which seemed to come right out of the screen in many different independent layers.

The ash and mist are obviously huge factors in the games themselves; as are the shivers you get when the siren wails, indicating the Darkness coming. Another aspect that struck in Revelation was the inclusion of so many memorable monsters. As a game-based movie, it’s really important to focus on the enemies faced when playing the original games.

One question many Silent Hill enthusiasts have been asking about the films is whether they’re true to the games, both visually and in terms of story. Revelation has clearly been designed with Silent Hill 3 in mind. A powerful opening scene shows the Lakeside Amusement Park in exquisite, accurate detail, and even features Robbie the Rabbit costumes lying about.

The first morph into otherworldly Silent Hill was attractive in a twisted sense of the word, as is expected of any Lionsgate location scene. The peeling walls and floors were spectacular to watch, even if the acting quality contrasts somewhat. Another nice touch is the use of chainmail mesh in many shots to emphasise that the characters are ‘fenced in’ to their Hellish environment.

Pyramid Head was given the epic, dramatic entrance he deserves. As the most iconic Silent Hill monster, and arguably the most formidable, Roberto Campanella’s image-perfect movements compliment the character’s deadly, horrific reputation within the story. Director Christophe Gans knew the importance of getting this monster right in the film; “I knew that it was impossible to represent the monsters as simply beasts that jump on you”.

Unfortunately Revelation reveals too much of its plot too soon, using a conversation between Heather and Harry to explain in very bare terms what’s going on. It’s as if Gans is explicitly trying to keep the audience in touch with the prequel. Having said this, all possible tension is retained throughout, especially when the Brookhaven Asylum nurses are involved. For the true fans out there, look out for the sneaky little sequel reference added into the last scene of the film, as one last character is finally introduced.

In 3D this film is really quite stunning. Every limb chopped, every weapon swung, every spark that flies, comes right out of the screen to hit you full in the face. The special effects have been delicately treated to give the viewer a memorable experience; one that won’t be forgotten for a long while. Whether you’ve played the games or not, Silent Hill: Revelation is a great choice for your Hallowe’en scares.



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