Paranormal Activity 4 Review

The Paranormal Activity franchise has had a very mixed reception in the past, and with the fourth instalment, directors Henry Joost and Ariel Schulman deliver yet another low-budget, adrenaline-fuelled monster of a movie. 

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Gallows Review

It has been said that Frank Carter could not be replaced. This is a lie. On Friday night, Sheffield’s Corporation was alive. The Wolves have returned, and there’s new power in their bite.

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‘A Doll’s House’ Review

Originally set in Norway in the late 19th Century, A Doll’s House focuses on the role of women in family life, whilst openly contrasting how men are expected to handle business and monetary affairs. Continue reading

Police Car Stolen After Fatal Accident

A police car was stolen following a fatal head-on collision at the junction on Kerisforth Hill Road and Broadway in Barnsley.

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Doncaster Slasher

A school teacher was slashed in the face with a broken bottle yesterday evening in the centre of Doncaster, say police.

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Staniforth Burglary

An 86-year-old lady was thrown from her bed this morning by youths who broke in and ransacked her house.

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Robbie Gordon – Profile

Robbie Gordon, 18, today explained how he considers himself a “ladies’ man.”

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Will’s guide to game bosses (Part 4)

My fourth instalment in the guide to video game bosses – this week, “Cartoon Classics”

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Tuesday Night News Round-Up (May 22)

In the gaming industry news this week, it’s all about sales, sales, sales, as Diablo 3 manages to sell 3.5 million copies in just one day, and the Nintendo 3DS reaches another impressive milestone. Also, GAME announces the cancellation of GAMEfest 2012 via Twitter, but hint that they’ll be going ahead with the event in 2013.

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Tuesday Night News Round-Up (May 15)

On Monday night, thousands queued up at over 8000 global midnight launches of Diablo 3. It seems retail game stores haven’t died on us just yet, as “faithful” gamers still manage to come together in order to purchase the latest instalment of their favourite game franchise.

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